The WEP guide to hangover cures

Greg Farrimond tries out some hangover cures
Greg Farrimond tries out some hangover cures

A HANGOVER: something the drinkers among us suffer through no fault but our own.

It’s a horrible, inconvenient symptom that seems designed only to make us feel guilty about having a good time.

Greg Farrimond

Greg Farrimond

Unlike many illnesses though, there has been no cure found despite endless research from weary revellers the morning after.

With this time of year being perhaps the more popular to enjoy a tipple or two, I was tasked by my kind news editor to find the best hangover cure this year.

I tried a list of possibilities and identified a winner. I shall go through the results in reverse order.

The Jeeves and Wooster combination

In the book Carry on Jeeves, Jeeves confronts Bertie’s wretching hangover with his magic potion: raw egg, Worcester sauce and red pepper. As Jeeves puts it: “It is the Worcester sauce that gives it its colour. The raw egg makes it nutritious. The red pepper gives it its bite. Gentlemen have told me they have found it extremely invigorating after a late evening.”

I tried that. It made me sick. Jeeves is a liar. Never ever take advice from fiction.

Energy drinks

An interesting option which, admittedly, does give you a kick for a while but this is merely painting over the cracks.

As it wears off you feel worse than before and gradually get a hangover from the energy drink too. Certainly not a good option if you’ve been on the vodka red bulls the night before. I’d give this a wide berth if I were you.

Junk food

The old favourite. It’s a well known fact that eating good food doesn’t help you recover and you need to eat stodgy, tasty food. Honest. I’d avoid heavy junk food such as curries and Chinese meals myself but I found some pizza (particularly ones left over from the night before) or a nice portion of fish and chips do work an absolute treat.


Sounds boring but it does actually work and is probably the only one that is scientifically proven too. Most of you probably know that hangovers are a result of dehydration so plenty H2O certainly does the trick, however boring it sounds. A good idea to minimise the risk of a hangover is to drink water throughout the night with the alcohol. I did that once too and my mates never let me forget it.

Hair of the dog

The winner by a country mile for me is another pint. Certainly scientifically unproven and I’d imagine totally inadvisable but it is genuinely the only thing I’ve tried that works.

Obviously there is a knock-on effect the next day but it’s a goer if you want a quick fix. On a serious note, the best option overall though is to drink in moderation. Most of us are guilty of not following this rule but you only have to see how much time hospital staff spend on those who have had “one too many”, particularly at this time of year.

I’ll always firmly believe that hangovers are physical form of guilt but is the pleasure beforehand worth the pain?