THEATRE REVIEW - Cissie and Ada, An Hysterical Rectomy

Eric Potts as Les Dawson (Ada) and Steve Nallon as Roy Barroclough (Cissie)
Eric Potts as Les Dawson (Ada) and Steve Nallon as Roy Barroclough (Cissie)
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THE clips of two northern housewives on the internet’s YouTube receive tens of thousands of hits each and every day.

It can mean only this – gossiping Cissie and Ada are still very much alive and kicking.

The two ladies – one with social pretensions, the other simply a dead common dim-wit – were the creations of the much love and much missed Les Dawson, as part of his successful TV show. Les played the down-trodden Ada whilst Roy Barraclough was uppity Cissie.

Now, the TV clips have been magically transformed into a stage show, which is on a national tour which brought an enthusiastic full house of fans to the Lowry for just one night. Missed it? It’ll be back before Cissie has time to put down Ada one more time.

This one nighter was a grand night out and though there was much laughter, there were also heart-string pulling moments.

And moments when Les’s diva side was revealed. It was his script or no show.

Les was brilliantly played by Eric Potts, who captured the hilarious sides of Ada, along with wig, hip flask and heaving bosom. His fury bursts to frightening life when he re-writers the scrimps already written by Terry Ravenscroft, played with humour and force by former Coronation Street actor Steve Arnold who played Ashley Peacock.

The part of Roy Battaclough (Cissie) is handled with style and by Steve Nallon, and the actors’ dresser is in the fun hands of Natasha Magigi.

We are treated to some of the best known “Cissie and Ada” sketches – close your eyes and it’s difficult not to think Mr Dawson and Mr Barraclough are not on stage.

The show gives us a great insight into the real personality of Les Dawson, who, despite his fame, remained an insecure writer and man of comedy.

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