THEATRE REVIEW - Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands

THEY are the sharpest scissors in show business and they have the exceptional ability to entertain, amuse and make you think.

Let me explain: A quarter of a century ago, a dark and romantic fantasy man took cinema audiences by storm. His name – Edward Scissorhands, played by Johnny Depp, capturing the enthralling incomplete Mr S.

Needless to say the character, a virtual outcast, has scissors for hands. A kind couple take pity on him, give him shelter and he then falls in love with their daughter.

The story was taken by the iconic Matthew Bourne who turned it into one of the most amazing and entertaining ballets for a modern age.

In some ways, Mr Bourne has turned ballet on its head. His “Adventures in Motion Pictures” company has achieved world fame, and by and large the tights and tutus have gone and traditional barriers have fallen. Crashed down to be precise.

And it’s true, some ballet traditionalists say Matthew’s ballets are not ballets at all, but great stories with great dance. Nonetheless, his presentations – The Nutcracker Sweeties, Car Man, A Portrait of Dorian Gray - are rare treats and wholly and grandly entertaining.

Edward Scissorhands is one of the works which swings with enviable effect between fun and fantasy, light and dark and is a million miles away from your Swan Lakes and Sleeping Beauties of historic yesteryear.

No doubt about it, the wholly odd, zany Edward, with his glue-spiked hair, chalk white face and eerily staring eyes is a one off. He appears from nowhere and at times he’s loveable at times threatening with a touch of deep Gothic. But he’s always memorable.

This ballet cum musical captures the imagination fro, the first curtain. There are two Edwards playing alternative performances – and both Liam Mower and Dominic North both win top applause for performances which bring delight and fun to the innocent small village with a touch. But can Edward be trusted? Let’s say yes and no. And leave it at that.

This is a perfect pre Christmas show - in fact it has a magnificent festive tree. But it goes up in a blue light after touches the blugs.

The ballet is an enviable team effort. Thankfully it’s on at the Lowry until Friday.