The Jersey Boys at Manchester Palace Theatre
The Jersey Boys at Manchester Palace Theatre
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A MONTH of nostalgic joy has settled into the Manchester Palace Theatre for a month. And boy, Jersey Boys is an evening of concentrated – and pure – pleasure.

The story of Frankie Valla and the Four Seasons is so pleasurable, it’s akin to wallowing in a warm bath on a cold night. And unlike other juke-box musicals, it is threaded with the true story of the group. So something of a two for the price of one. Can it get any better?

Peppered with three dozen “Seasons” hits, the show looks like and is a big money production and with a well-remembered Jersey Boys hit every couple of minutes, there’s hardly time to catch your breath.

Playing Frankie Valli, Matt Corner, with his unique voice, has the audience enthralled – and just when you think they’re running out of those familiar songs we all knew and loved, more pour out to receive blasts of enthusiastic applause.

Against a dazzling set, the four boys from New Jersey play out the story with fine acting and second to none vocal work. It’s thrilling to hear the numbers we danced to more years ago than most of us cared to remember ... Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like a Man,

Rag Doll, Can’t take My Eyes Off You, Bye Bye Baby and so many more. Mesmerisingly superb and so very emotional.

Without doubt, this is a big money show – it’s sassy and classy, there’s laughter and a few tears. It’s true, nostalgia is the name of this musical game, but the great point to make it that the hit numbers are as familiar today as when we first heard them all those years ago.

Plays at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, until October 4.