THEATRE REVIEWS - Riverdance 20th anniversary tour

A scene from Riverdance's 20th anniversary show
A scene from Riverdance's 20th anniversary show
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BACK by popular demand. How those words tell their own story when it comes to the show which didn’t even exist three decades ago.

It can only be Riverdance, the extravaganza which had brought Irish dancing into theatres the world over.

The old shows have been swamped in Irish tradition and all the better for being so. But the producers of the latest show have had a wonderful and clever brainstorm in a bid to expand the appeal of the already blockbuster of a show.

This is Riverdance’s 20th anniversary show and it is a terrific triumph from the start, mixing dance and music in a glorious and exciting melange of non-stop pleasure.

Riverdance enjoys world fame, and remains a totally breathtaking experience, exciting, colourful, and amazingly and widely wildly extravagant.

Many interpretations of that wonderful arms-by-their-sides Irish dancing at speeds which defy the eye are thrilling, but now there are touches of ballet, dances with a number of European themes, including Spanish and Russian. All bursting with atmosphere.

Back in Manchester until Saturday, Riverdance at the Opera House is so very welcome. And those capacity audience leave having experienced one of the best popular dance shows around.