The Full Monty cast
The Full Monty cast
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THE touring stage version of The Full Monty has premiered at Manchester Opera House.

It’s a whole fairground of fun and a cheeky, naughty edge.

But first – where were those three little words – the full monty - spawned? Well years ago when tailor Montague Burton sold three-piece suits with an extra pair of trousers, folks referred to as The Full Monty. Seems reasonable.

The newer meaning – is, of course, chaps taking OFF all their clothes. The film gained world fame.

An enthusiastic Monday-night audience – mostly of the fairer sex – were ready to rumble. Ready to scream and shout and ready to giggle their pants off as the workless lads bring to life their amateur strip show to pay the bills.

Strip they did, but what we saw wouldn’t have caused your straight-laced auntie to blush. As the fun, fun, fun play climaxed, it’s safe to say smoke and back-lighting kept everything in the best possible taste.

The Full Monty is a play of two halves. In addition to the comedy, there are stark messages too; unemployment, depression, marital-lies, and gays in and out of the closet.

The first half is peppered with the serious sides, the second fast-paced comedy and throughout a pepper of the F word.

Set in a gritty disused steel works, the Full Monty has something of a star-studded cast. Hunk Gary Lucy (Gaz) leads the entertainment – and how the ladies love him. And there was applause a plenty for Gas’s lippy young son, played with great enthusiasm by Fraser Kelley. The whole cast bring the play to lip-curling life.

The story builds slowly during the first act and then rockets into laugh-a-minute comedy in the second.

The Full Money has opened in Manchester as part of a 33-week tour. It’s on at the Opera House until Saturday.