THEATRE REVIEWS - The Two Worlds of Charlie F

The Two Worlds Of Charlie F
The Two Worlds Of Charlie F

JUST like we wear a poppy with pride, we should all attempt to see The Two Worlds of Charlie F.

It’s an unusual title for a unique theatrical experience which held the audience in its thrall delving, as it does, into the lives of a handful of British sldiers in Afganistan.

It’s brutal, rough stuff. It tells it like it is – the blood and guts, and the brutality of ten men (former soldiers) who return different blokes.

Scarred for life. Fighting another battle – to resume normal lives.

This new play by Owen Sheers successfully attempts to recreate the hell-on-earth life on the battlefields and more than once, huge explosions had us jumping out of our seats.

It’s heart-rending serious stuff, but part of its triumph is that humour constantly bubbles to the surface. Laughter through the pain of tormented brains.

In its birth throes, the writers were in their own no-man’s-land. But a two day “try out” brought overwhelming audience enthusiasm. And so followed two tours throughout the country.

The language is rightly ripe throughout (don’t forget the play MUST mirror real life), so it’s understandable that some would find The Two Worlds of Charlie F simply too much to take.

Charlie is played by single-leg amputee Cassidy Little, who, along with the rest of the cast, bring grim war to the stage with gritty style and in depth emotions. The wild standing ovation was greatly deserved.

The Two Worlds of Charlie F plays at the Opera House, Manchster, until Saturday.