These beauties still have their looks and grace

Midland Hotel Miss Great Britain 1968 reunion dinner
Midland Hotel Miss Great Britain 1968 reunion dinner
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TWO Wigan beauties relived their youth as they enjoyed a reunion to celebrate being crowned Miss Great Britain 45 years ago.

Miss Great Britain 1968 winner Yvonne MacKenzie, of Parbold, and fellow contestant Wendy George, of Orrell, met 10 other former entrants at a meeting at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe.

The venue launched a nationwide search to find the contestants earlier this year in a bid to relive a part of the town’s history.

Wendy was 18 when she entered the contest in 1968 and 19 when she won it a year later.

Now aged 64, and a mother-of-one and grandmother-of-one, the former licensee of Abbey Lakes said: “I run a group Beauty Queens Reunited with a few other former contestants and so I already knew about six people, but others came forward following advertising from the hotel.

“It was really great to see everyone again, especially one girl, who we had been searching for for six years.

“It was great to remember it all again.

“There was a lady whose late husband worked for the Daily Express and he had about 50 years’ worth of photos of all the contests.”

Yvonne, now 64, and a mother-of-two, with two grandchildren, said: “It was lovely to see everyone again.

“When I won all those years ago, it was a big thing, especially as I was only 19 and a lot of the girls had entered 

Matt Stanaway, general manager of The Midland, said: “The Miss Great Britain competitions are an important part of Morecambe’s past.

“We were delighted when we were given a set of old photographs of the 1968 contest, which took place at the Lido next to the hotel.”

The seaside resort hosted the Miss Great Britain contest from 1956 through to