Thrilling start to novel career

Cover design for The Charming Killer, by M A Polash
Cover design for The Charming Killer, by M A Polash
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A WIGAN author has penned his debut novel, a trans-continental tale blending romance and mystery with a gruesome and shocking crime twist.

Scholes author Mohammed Polash, who writes under the name MA Polash, wrote The Charming Killer which has just been released by London-based publisher Austin Macauley. The book tells the tale of Paul William, who leaves his ordinary life in Wigan for warm-weather recuperation in the exotic surroundings of Goa after developing a mysterious illness, but carries a dark and horrific secret with him.

Author Mohammed, who was brought up in Bangladesh and moved to Wigan in 2009, has previously published poems in English, Bengali and Hindi and came across the plot of his first prose work after a poster at a train station sparked his imagination.

The 27-year-old said: “I was at Warrington train station and I saw a poster for six missing people. This just clicked in my mind and I started thinking how people could go missing in this modern world. I did some research and found some rumours from certain parts of the world about a way in which the bodies of murder victims couldn’t be found. The lead character is very charming and intelligent and he’s also worked in a scientific laboratory, so he knows how forensics works and this allows him to stay one step ahead of law enforcement.”

Mohammed took around a year to complete the work after starting writing in July 2011, saying it had been his ambition since childhood to become a successful author. Having completed the novel he faced a challenge to find a publisher, but was finally offered deals on both sides of the Atlantic before deciding to stay in Britain.

He said: “It wasn’t very easy for a new writer, but I believe if you have a dream you should never give up. I’m aiming for the widest possible audience so I included different countries in the plot, because if you don’t have that international audiences will not be as involved in the book. I wrote a crime novel because I think people are very interested in crime and want to read about it, but combined that with elements of romance and even some comedy.”

Mohammed, who divides his time between writing and working for Serco, is already writing a follow-up: a science-fiction work called When Everything Is Silent which tells the story of a society 250 years into the future where the people’s dependence on technology is suddenly tested by blackouts.

The Charming Killer is available through Amazon, Waterstones and other booksellers.

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