Through Kerry’s keyhole

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona
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FANS will be able to get a glimpse of Kerry Katona’s old home as Through The Keyhole starts tonight.

Details of when Kerry’s episode features have not yet been revealed, but viewers can expect a few juicy secrets revealed as nosy Keith Lemon rummages through her drawers.

The Atomic Kitten singer moved to Haigh in February this year, but according to news reports, Keith filmed at her Surrey pad several weeks before.

And whilst there he found a few embarrassing items, including adult toys and a Dracula mask.

He said: “I don’t know if she planted it as a joke or what, but you do find some funny things in [celebrities’] houses.”

Meanwhile Kerry is gearing up for her lead role in Norma Jeane the Musical, which opens on September 22

Speaking to new! magazine, the 32-year-old said she believes there are many similarities between herself and Marilyn Monroe: “Her life was one of extremes, like mine. She grew up in foster homes, suffered personal problems, had a battle with drugs... so I’m perfect.”

Kerry has spoken of her battles for a channel five documentary to be shown next month - Kerry Katona: My Depression Diary, fearing the bipolar illness will be passed to her children,

But it seems the reality TV star is getting her life back on track with fiance George Kay, admitting she would love a fifth child.

She said: “Me and George have been having fun trying, but nothing’s happened yet.

“George wants kids, and I’ve always said I’d love lots because I was an only child. I want someone to look after me when I’m old.”

The couple plan to get wed and talk has turned to bridesmaids, with bandmate Liz McClarnon joking: “It’s too much responsibility being a bridesmaid... I think we’d rather just get drunk!”

She added that Kerry has matured over the years, saying: “Kerry has become this wise person. She’s calmed down a lot and just has a lot of good things to say.”

Through The Key Hole starts tonight on ITV at 9.20pm,