Ting TIngs have style

The Ting Tings
The Ting Tings
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THE Ting Tings have designed their own T-shirts!

The duo, which consists of Lowton-born Katie White, has made a foray into fashion world with the “Burst” Tee, their very own limited-edition T-shirt available at Popdust Style.

But despite their quirky style, they reckon they are not cool.

Katie describes her worst fashion disaster as: “An undercut, plus Manchester United top, plus white polo neck. “I was about 12 and just got into spitting.”

She added that her most embarrassing item of clothing is: “A flying squirrel outfit that I haven’t yet worn, but it remains in the closet,” and that would have to save a custom-made Kung-fu outfit if her house was on fire, as she could not live without it.

She admitted she takes about half an hour to get ready, whilst drummer Jules de Martino takes 10 minutes.

To buy a T-shirt designed by The Ting Tings visit www.style.popdust.com/product/the-ting-tings-burst-tee/