Toddler inspires a marathon challenge

Claire Williams,pictured with her son Carrter
Claire Williams,pictured with her son Carrter
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A WIGAN mum is preparing for a marathon effort to raise awareness of her son’s rare genetic condition.

Claire Williams, from Aspull, will take on the 26.2 miles of the Manchester Marathon next year to raise funds and increase public knowledge of chromosome deficiency Fragile X Syndrome.

Claire, of Ashbourne Avenue, hopes to make Wiganers more aware of the condition which her three-year-old son Carrter Wall suffers from, saying she has experienced some hurtful comments when out and about from people lacking understanding of what being diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome means.

She is currently preparing for the Wirral Half-Marathon this weekend, one of three 13.1-mile races she hopes to complete before Christmas, and raise money for the Fragile X Society at Wigan and Leigh College where she is studying to become a personal trainer to mark European Fragile X Awareness Week.

The 36-year-old said: “I want people to be aware of it and think about what might be happening when the children are running around and parents are having a struggle. I’m not bothered about folk staring or them coming over and asking about Carrter, but I’ve had nasty comments. One woman said she wouldn’t let him out if it was up to her.

“I also want parents to think about Fragile X if they are finding their children hard work or need a bit of help, because the autism spectrum is massive.”

Claire hopes to complete up to four marathons in 2015. She is also hoping to run circuit training sessions at Wigan and Leigh College to raise money for the Fragile X Society, having set herself a target of £500.

Carrter has the full mutation of Fragile X, which has slowed down his development and left him with a wide range of physical and emotional difficulties to cope with every day.

Claire said: “He is hyperactive and doesn’t really sleep without medication and also has no concentration span. He also doesn’t have any social awareness and won’t play with toys, although he will go on his swing and slide in the garden. He wasn’t walking until he was nearly two and has only been talking for about 15 weeks.

“His joints are also quite painful and he has to have a strict diet because he’s allergic to absolutely everything.”

To find out more about Claire’s fund-raising, search for Carrter Effect on Facebook and follow the links to her Just Giving page.