Too many egos for Too Shy Limahl


SINGER Limahl regrets his emotional break-down on I’m A Celebrity.

The Pemberton-born singer wished he was harder and had brushed aside his fellow camp mates’ indifference.

He said: “I forgot that essentially I was in a competition with 12 egos who all have experience in front of the cameras.

“I didn’t really have that competitive spirit.

“When I got the feeling they weren’t talking to me, I got upset about it.

“I got on better with people one-on-one, otherwise I found it hard to get a word in edgeways,”

The former Kajagoogoo star revealed he suspected that his fellow campers were annoyed at him for stepping in ahead of them to speak to the cameras in the bushtucker telegraph,

He said: “Every night we get called to be interviewed. I was half way through my interview when I was told the food had arrived, and I was told I would be called back afterwards.

“But Ashley was called after food. Normally I would have asked everyone if it was okay for me to go in, but I stuck my head in the door after Ashley Roberts came out and asked if I could be next.

“I think that they thought I was being cheeky.”

He added that Helen Flanagan, who is dating former Latics player Scott Sinclair, was the first to notice his meltdown.