Tour De France regret

Sir Bradley Wiggins
Sir Bradley Wiggins
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SIR Bradley Wiggins has revealed he wishes he had never won the Tour De France.

The cyclist, whose wife, Catherine, comes from Shevington, told BBC Sport: “It was nice people saying ‘it changed my life’ and hearing things like ‘the Wiggo effect’; that was a positive.

“From a personal point of view, there’s been times I wish I’d never done all that.

“I left for the Tour de France that year relatively unknown in the general public’s eyes. When I came back, for a week or so I felt like the most famous man in the country.

“It’s quite hard that level of fame, when you just want to do normal stuff with the children, things like that. That was hard but I think you learn to deal with it.”

He also revealed that Sir Chris Hoy helped him come to terms with the attention in 2012.