Town centre comedy venue set to offer big break to new talent

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A POPULAR Wigan comedy venue is offering up and coming funny men and women a chance to break into the industry.

The Bellingham Hotel, which has run monthly comedy nights for a number of months, is offering a 10 minute slot during the comedy night in February to anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes.

Carol Liptrot, who is deputy manager, said: “How many times do people sit at home watching the TV thinking I can do that, but don’t know how to start.

“A lot of people struggle for years to get a break so we wanted to give people the experience of performing in public, which could help them in taking their career further.”

The comedy night is held every month and although The Bellingham, on Wigan Lane, has only been going for a few months it has already proved extremely popular and has built up a large following.

It is hosted by local comic Jimmy O, who previously held the night at a town centre venue.

Carol said: “The nights are really relaxed, which is why I think it would be the perfect setting for up and coming talents to get the chance to work alongside established comedians and get their comments and advice.

“There must be some really great raw talent with the hunger to succeed out there and we want to do whatever we can to help them get into the industry.

“Although 10 minutes might not seem a long slot when you’re up on stage it’s plenty of time and will take quite a lot of preparation.”

Although Carol has only planned to give away one slot during the comedy night on February 24 she says if she and host Jimmy are inundated with talent then they will look to create more slots on the night.

Also depending on the interest in the opportunity Carol says the trial might see the start of a regular event.

She added: “Many people sit in an audience or behind a TV set and think that they would be able to stand on stage and make people laugh, so now is your chance.

“We really want to see what talent is out there and you never know if you’re a hit with the audience you might even be invited back to perform again.”

If you are interested in performing on the night call 01942 243893 and ask for Carol or Jimmy.