Trading tools for paints

Aspull artist Marc Heaton (second from right) with some of his colleagues from the Crook Street Collective
Aspull artist Marc Heaton (second from right) with some of his colleagues from the Crook Street Collective

A WIGAN artist who swapped his scaffolding tools for a paintbrush is hoping to make his mark in the art world with a new exhibition.

Marc Heaton, from Aspull, decided to pursue his interest in painting following a stint in the Armed Forces and around two decades working as a scaffolder.

Marc, who recently graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Bolton, has now teamed up with some of his fellow students to form the Crook Street Collective, which is organising a new exhibition called Palimpsest:apparent beneath the surface. The title of the show, which refers to when a new text or artwork is placed on top of an existing manuscript so traces of the original image or writing can still be seen, reflects the artist’s interests in multiple layers and also explores their personal journey through the world of academia.

Marc, 42, said: “The exhibition is still a work in progress, but we’re all hoping to have at least three pieces in it.

“My own work is about contemporary issues such as image manipulation and I suppose it’s a bit political, because you don’t get anything much more multi-layered than politics. It’s also about our journey through university, because we’ve all learned and developed so much during these years.

“I practiced as an amateur artist for about 10 years, it started really as a bit of escapism from everyday routine.

“I’ve always been interested in art and I find it quite relaxing to paint, and the better I got the more I realised I had the potential to explore the possibilities of art more and make it a career move.”

Acrylic painter Marc says his work is influenced by artists including German painter and photo artist Gerhard Richter.

The collective, which consists of around a dozen artists, is putting on Palimpsest:apparent beneath the surface at a gallery in Bolton, but Marc hopes the exhibition will also be taken to art enthusiasts further 

He said: “We’re hoping to show the exhibition at other galleries and we want our work to be seen by as many people as possible.”

Palimpsest:apparent beneath the surface will be shown at neo:gallery22 in Bolton from August 8 to 25.