Whisky business: Fancy a staycation in a distillery?

To celebrate Scottish Whisky Month, Annandale Distillery, an independent whisky distillery in the south of Scotland, is opening its doors, for the first time, to whisky fans and offering an opportunity to go behind the scenes and become a distiller for a day. The stay is available only on Airbnb as part of a new campaign to encourage people to visit the Scottish Lowlands.

The two night stay, which is being made available to members of the public for a limited time this summer, offers guests the chance to sleep in cottages next to the distillery site, get ‘hands on’ and learn the fundamentals of whisky distilling.

Guests will get to participate in each stage of the process from meeting the malt delivery, to milling and mashing the barley, fermentation, firing up the stills and filling the casks.

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They’ll also be taken for a whisky tasting and evening meal at The Globe Inn, Dumfries.

Annandale Distillery
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While the focus is often on the Highlands when it comes to Scottish whisky, true aficionados know that Southern Scotland should not be overlooked in the pursuit of a good dram.

Annandale Distillery was first established in 1836 and ‘reborn’ in 2014.

It has been lovingly restored by new owners David Thomson and Teresa Church and now produces some of Scotland’s finest Single Malt Whisky and Blends.

An independent whisky distillery in the south of Scotland

The stay at Annandale showcases one the region’s finest exports, and David and Teresa anticipate it to be a real draw to the area for whisky fans.

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David Thomson & Teresa Church, owners of Annandale Distillery, have said: “One of the principal reasons why we decided to restore Annandale Distillery was our burning desire to re-introduce Scotch Whisky production to Southern Scotland, based on the conviction that this region of Scotland has everything required, but most especially the climate and the abundance of water, to produce first class Single Malts.

This stay on Airbnb gives us the chance to involve guests behind the scenes and show them that the Scotch Whisky produced at Annandale is more than a product, it’s a labour of love! Enticing visitors to our part of Scotland is not only good for us but also for other local businesses.”

This stay is part of a wider campaign from Airbnb to champion tourism in the Scottish Lowlands and support local businesses in the area, spotlighting some of what the region has to offer.

The stay at Annandale showcases one the region’s finest exports
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The campaign comes amidst unprecedented demand for staycations in the British Isles as the lifting of restrictions is anticipated, and aims to encourage holidaymakers to consider the wealth of stays and experiences available in Scotland beyond the more widely-publicised Highlands and major cities.

VisitScotland Regional Leadership Director Paula Ward said: “Scotland is full of unforgettable experiences and it is fantastic to see Annandale Distillery feature as part of this new Airbnb campaign to encourage people to visit the Scottish lowlands.

We know that many visitors are looking for something special, an authentic experience that they won’t get elsewhere and this experience at Annandale Distillery offers to do just that.

Booking details:

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To view the distillery listing on Airbnb, visit airbnb.com/annandaledistillery

Annandale Distillery is located in Annan, Dumfries and Galloway. The stay will be available to book for £480 for two people on the following dates:

8-10 June 2021

22-24 June 2021

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4-6 August 2021

17-19 August 2021

This unique opportunity is not a contest and given the high level of interest anticipated, Annandale will be adding bookable dates from 10AM BST on 17 May 2021, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to book.

Interested guests should note that booking rules are in strict adherence with local COVID-19 guidelines and those who request to book must be 18+ and currently live in the UK.

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