Trio to embark on gruelling charity journey

Greg Lee, Neil Farrimond and David Brodie
Greg Lee, Neil Farrimond and David Brodie
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THREE friends will make the toughest journey of their lives this month for causes close to their heart.

Neil Farrimond, David Brodie and Greg Lee will walk a distance equivalent to running three marathons and climbing Mount Everest inside 48 hours.

Starting on April 26, from Keswick, they will walk 72 miles and make an ascent of around 28,500 feet. In doing so, they’ll climb a total 42 peaks in what is sure to be a painful hike.

All three are doing the trek, dubbed the “Bob Graham Round” for their own respective causes with Neil raising funds for the South Lancashire branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

It’s a charity close to the 52-year-old’s heart, with his brother-in-law and RL legend Mike Gregory passing away from the disease in 2007.

Neil, from Standish Lower Ground, said: “It is coming up to six years now since we lost Mike and we always try and do things to raise money for this great charity.

“It’ll be a tough challenge but it’ll be worth it if we raise enough money for our respective causes.

“Mike was a great person and brother-in-law who is missed every single day. Motor Neurone Disease is such a cruel illness.

“It will be difficult, but if I adopt Mike’s ‘never surrender’ attitude and with Mike in my ear pushing me all the way, I am sure I will succeed.”

Dr Brodie, from Hindley, is raising money for Multiple Sclerosis, in memory of his mother.

He works at Pennygate Medical Practice – also in Hindley – and comes across others with the condition too.

He said: “My mother first suffered with MS in her 20s and I watched her battle the condition for 30 yearrs until she finally died from the complications of the condition at the age of 74. She was actually one of the lucky sufferers as she led a fairly full life. I use her as an example to give hope to patients that I see.

“However, over the years I have looked after people who have been so unfairly struck down at a young age and who have not been so lucky.”

The third member of the group is Greg Lee from Whitley, who is a specialist nurse.

He will be raising funds for Dementia UK, raising funds to go towards treating the illness from which his father-in-law currently suffers from.

He said: “I have experienced personally the effect on a family when someone is suffering from dementia. I suspect that most families will have known someone with this illness which is predicted to be more common as we are living longer.”

All three of the walkers have their own Just Giving page for donations.

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