Trying to quit - a smoker’s diary

Jennifer Oxley breathes into a carbon monoxide monitor at Wigan Health Centre
Jennifer Oxley breathes into a carbon monoxide monitor at Wigan Health Centre

AS part of the Stoptober stop smoking campaign, Marsh Green resident Jenny Oxley tells us how her attempts of trying to quit her seven-year habit is going, with help from the Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust Stop Smoking Service.

Latest figures show that while a lot fewer people smoke than 50 years ago, still one in five Wiganers is still hooked on tobacco, although many would like to give up.

Jenny, 35, has agreed to give the Wigan Evening Post a weekly update on how she is getting on as one of the thousands of people trying to quit smoking during October.

And remember: it isn’t to late to join them!

Jenny said: “Although I have not stopped smoking completely I have cut right down and today I have only had three cigarettes.

“I have been trying to use an electronic cigarette when I feel that I need to smoke which has really helped. It has been a challenge as it has been a really stressful week for me as I have been trying to find new stables for my two Shetland ponies.

“Pauline (Stop Smoking advisor) has been a really great help. She has been very understanding and supportive.

“I was really pleased with my most recent carbon monoxide result and I really hope it will reduce even further when I actually stop smoking altogether which I hope to do very soon.”

Her Stop Smoking advisor, Pauline Firth said: “I am delighted with Jennifer’s progress.

“She is really well prepared for stopping smoking.

“She has coping strategies in place for any difficult situations and she will be using aids such as the 24 hour nicotine replacement patches and electronic cigarettes.

“Her carbon monoxide reading has come down from 32 to 24 in one week (a normal reading is zero to five) which is really positive and this should come down again significantly next week as Jennifer cuts down and eventually quits cigarettes completely.

“I think Jennifer enjoys our meetings as we get on well, I can offer her the help and support she needs and we both share a loves of horses – which is another great motivation for her to quit!

“Statistics show with local NHS support, you are four times more likely to quit smoking successfully.

“So I urge anyone who wants to quit like Jennifer to contact the team now on 0500 7867 669 to arrange an appointment. Alternatively visit”