U-turn for The Verve?

The Verve
The Verve

IT seems the possibility of The Verve reunited may not be totally off the cards.

Last month, the band’s guitarist told The Sun he could not see himself working with ex-Up Holland resident Richard Ashcroft, but he seems to have done a u-turn.

He told The Daily Star: “I don’t see why I couldn’t work with Richard again. He’s very black and white, and I accept that’s his way. He’s a good soul with a lot of good qualities, so I can never rule out doing more with him. I can’t claim to have shut the door on Richard, but right now it’s the furthest thing from my mind because Black Submarine are so happy.”

Nick has joined fellow Verve bassist Simon Jones, of Hindley, Davide Rossi, Michele Schillace and Amelia Tucker to form Black Submarine.