Vernon loves to dance

Vernon Kay
Vernon Kay

VERNON Kay may have missed out on co-hosting Strictly Come Dancing, but he could one day be a contestant.

The former St John Rigby College student told Star: “I’d seriously consider it. But I’ve never had one conservation with anyone at the BBC about it. Maybe there’d be too much favouritism from the host.”

Vernon added that despite rumours flying he wanted to be the co-host, he and wife Tess Daly had never discussed it, saying: “I feel like I’m in it anyway.”

As Tess hosts Strictly Come Dancing without Sir Bruce Forsyth, Vernon has said he will miss turning to the 86-year-old for career advice.

He told BANG Showbiz: “You can pick his brains and ask his advice and get his opinion.

“I’d do it on a regular basis. Just speak to him. See what he thinks. What he thought of various shows and stuff like that. He’s like the oracle, it’s nice to just pick his brains.”

And his wife will miss sharing biscuits with her former co-host and Tess was sad when she first found out news of him leaving.

The former St John Rigby student added: “It was quite emotional. They’d been together for 10 years - 11 series.

“Bruce is such a gentleman and he’s got such a knowledge and experience of television that you can kind of use him as a TV manual.”

But Tess is enjoying working with pal Claudia Winkleman, as Vernon said: “It’s the perfect fit, as viewers are used to seeing her on the show already.

“Claudia and Tess get on like a house on fire - they’re like naughty schoolgirls!

“I keep hearing stories about what they’re getting up to on photoshoots and it does raise an eyebrow.

“I hope their chemistry comes through on television.”

The 40-year-old could not confirm whether there would be another series of Splash!, which he hosted with Gaby Logan and Tom Daley,

Vernon, who joined Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Take-way tour last weekend, said: “There are so many rumours flying around, but I don’t know. If I do get asked to do it again, I’ll jump at it with open arms.”

And speaking of THOSE shorts, he added: “Apparently my shorts were trending and that is never a good thing. But it was 42 degrees by that pool.

“You can ask Tess - I always wear shorts - even on Christmas Day. I find jeans quite restrictive, plus I thought my calves looked pretty good to be honest.”