Victoria likes her posh frocks

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham
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VICTORIA Beckham has mentioned a Wigan dress chain following the launch of her fashion shop.

As the designer opened her first store - Victoria Beckham - last week, she was sent a picture of Posh Frox, which has a site in Standish and also Horwich, as a pun on her name Posh Spice.

She Tweeted: “So proud of my first store opening! Look out for my pub opening next! #PoshFrox #VBDoverSt thank u @misterknight x vb.”

Emily Kindred, of Posh Frox in Standish, said: “We were all excited when we saw the Tweet, which also went on Instagram. It has had more than 3,000 likes and 370 retweets. We didn’t understand it at first - we thought she had bought the shop! A couple of years ago she wore Diva, which we stock and sold really quick, so she has done us two favours now.”