Warriors back Joseph’s Goal

Wigan Warrirors support Joseph's Goal:  Joseph Kendrick, brother Sam and parents Paul and Emma with the Wigan Warriors
Wigan Warrirors support Joseph's Goal: Joseph Kendrick, brother Sam and parents Paul and Emma with the Wigan Warriors
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WIGAN Warriors have thrown their weight behind Joseph’s Goal.

The Joseph’s Goal campaign was launched to raise money to fund research into the rare genetic disorder Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH), from which brave three-year-old Joseph Kendrick suffers.

Joseph is the son of our Latics correspondent Paul, who this week took his family down to meet up with the most famous rugby league team in the world at their Orrell training ground.

The Warriors took time out of their busy training programme ahead of Super League XVIII to meet the Kendricks and have a chat about Joseph’s Goal.

And they gave the campaign a massive boost when skipper Sean O’Loughlin and points-scoring machine Pat Richards agreed to become ambassadors for the charity.

Sean said: “We’d all seen the campaign on Twitter, and the club are happy to help out in any way possible.

“Myself and Pat Richards were honoured when we were asked to be ambassadors, and we’ll do everything we can to help out the cause.

“The whole squad and the rugby community will get behind Joseph’s Goal - we look forward to helping out as much as we can.”

The charity ambassadors will be tasked with spreading the message on behalf of the charity to help raise awareness of NKH - an extremely rare genetic condition that affects less than one in 60,000 new-borns.

Paul said: It’s amazing and humbling that Sean and Pat have agreed to become ambassadors for Joseph’s Goal.

“We were bowled over when Sean invited us down to meet the squad, everyone was incredibly friendly and attentive.

“All the players took time out to meet Joseph, and told us they’d do whatever they could to help us achieve our goal.

“Obviously through my job I have a lot of contact with Wigan Athletic, and the reaction there has been just as supportive.

“Gary Caldwell is another of our ambassadors, along with James McCarthy, Emmerson Boyce and Ali Al Habsi, and to have both captains and so many high-profile players involved is just fantastic.

“It shows just how much Joseph’s Goal has struck a chord with everyone and will do wonders in terms of increasing the awareness forn the campaign.”

O’Loughlin helped to spread the word by wearing the distinctive blue wristband during the Super League launch at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium last week, ensuring it could be seen on photographs and video clips that were beamed around the world.