Warriors do the Harlem Shake

Wigan Warriors players do the Harlem Shake
Wigan Warriors players do the Harlem Shake

A VIDEO featuring Wigan Warriors players has gone viral.

However, it isn’t one featuring their rugby league exploits, but performing the latest dancing craze.

Harlem Shake videos last between 30 and 32 seconds and feature an excerpt from the song “Harlem Shake” by electronic musician Baauer. Usually, a video begins with one person (often helmeted or masked) dancing to the song alone for 15 seconds, surrounded by other people not paying attention or unaware of the dancing individual.

When the bass drops, the video cuts to the entire crowd doing a crazy convulsive dance for the next 15 seconds.

In the case of the Warriors, coach Shaun Wane is seen giving a team talk at their Orrell training ground while one of the players, dressed only in underwear and a mask is seen entering the group. As the music kicks in, it cuts to the whole squad dancing. Withing hours, the video had attracted more than 60,000 views.

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See the video here