What’s Pointless about our town?

The Wigan question on Pointless
The Wigan question on Pointless
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TWO contestants who made it to the final of a hit quiz show missed out on the jackpot when they hit a stumbling block with a question about Wigan.

Pals Peter and Maud, from Whitley Bay, narrowly missed out on the £1,750 jackpot on Tuesday evening’s episode of the popular BBC show Pointless.

As part of the show, contestant duos are challenged to come up with the most obscure correct answers they can - from a variety of random categories - with pointless answers deemed the Holy Grail.

In the final round Peter and Maud were given the option of four different categories - modern female novellists, 1980s films of “Brat Pack” actors, piano-playing songwriters and Wigan.

Peter said: “With Wigan I could hope for something about Wigan Athletic. I could probably name some footballers.”

When they opted for Wigan, presenter Alexander Armstrong quipped: “Its first appearance on that board and it gets picked. It’s great news for Wigan!”

Three Wigan-inspired sub-categories were then displayed - top 75 singles from The Verve, Wigan Athletic managers up to March 2014 and the cast of the film Wallace and Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

After being given 60 seconds to think of three possible pointless answers, Peter and Maud chose to name three actors that they believed had voiced characters in the 2005 Aardman Animations movie.

Their first stab - Jim Broadbent - was incorrect but their second, Helena Bonham-Carter, was only remembered by six out of the show’s sample of 100 people.

Peter and Maud’s final answer, Peter Kay, which they believed was their best chance at a pointless answer, scored them an agonising two points, meaning they narrowly missed out on the jackpot.

Resident boffin Richard Osman then provided a selection of pointless answers from each of the categories.

Among the songs by The Verve were History and On Your Own. Bruce Rioch, Kenny Swain and Larry Lloyd were among the Latics 

And Geraldine McEwen, John Thomson and Mark Gatiss were among the answers in the Wallace and Gromit category that would have earned zero points.