Wigan stores set for late night sales

TWO of Wigan’s leading computer games sellers are set for a late night surge when FIFA 12 goes on sale at midnight tonight.

Both the Game and Gamestation stores on Market Street will be among the first stores across the UK to release the eagerly anticipated game.

Scores of people are expected to make the late dart into town to get their hands on it.

Featuring clubs from all over the world, it is one of the most popular football games.

Manager at Game, Ian Gregory, said: “We had the release for Gears of War last Tuesday and quite a few turn out for that, but FIFA is the big one.

“In the past, I’ve been locking up from the day’s work at 6.30m and people were already starting queuing.

“It’s how desperate people are to get the game though because it is so popular.

“There are all sorts of people who come out to us to purchase it for different reasons.

“Some can’t come down on the Friday and want to ensure they have it over the weekend so just come because its the only time they’re available.

“Others come because they just want to get home and play it that night. You’ll get your more hardened players playing throughout the night.

“We usually open the doors at 11.30pm so people can come in and have a look around and then as soon as it hits 12.01am, we’ll release the game for sale.”

Both stores have said they will stay open for as long as customers are coming in.

Ian added: “We have ordered plenty of copies so people should be able to come in on Friday and pick up the game as normal if they wish to.

“It’s becoming a popular trend with gamers to get it as soon as it is released onto the shelves though.”