Wigan vapers have election say

Totally Wicked's David Barker
Totally Wicked's David Barker

WIGANERS can show their support this general election ... by puffing away in the colours of their party.

A Wallgate e-cigarette store has produced a special range in the run-up to the race for No 10.

While everyone is following the official polls we thought we would launch a poll of our own to see how Wigan’s vapers will vote

Fraser Cropper - Totally Wicked

And Totally Wicked hope that their sales tally will provide a fun glimpse into just which party will be invited to form the next Government.

The shop is now stocking five liquids in special colours to represent the main poitical parties during the General Election.

And as the hustings hot up, Totally Wicked will be updating its own poll daily to reflect how vapers across the borough are voting.

It will announce the sales final result on May 6.

But unlike the next Prime Minister... this winner will be added permanently to Totally Wicked’s Red Label range.

Colours are:

CAMERON’S Eton Mess...an e-liquid is based on a British classic - fresh strawberries, sweet meringue, and lashings of clotted cream.

MILIBAND’S Rocky Red...a minty, fruity flavour, with a hint of pear drops, this e-liquid will have you reminiscing about the Great British seaside and sand in places it shouldn’t go.

CLEGG’S Blueberry Coalition Crumble...casts a nod to Nick Clegg and his penchant for a blueberry vape, but of course Mr Wicked had to go one further and add a dash of shortcake and vanilla.

FARAGE’S Lunchtime Tipple...a committed vaper, Nigel Farage likes his ciggies and a pint. This liquid has a full tobacco flavour with a dash of beer, topped off with a note of espresso.

BENNETT’S Green Deal...this liquid has an interesting combination of gooseberries and kiwi with a hint of menthol too; Bennett’s Green Deal is surprisingly subtle with earthy tones.

Totally Wicked spokesman Fraser Cropper said: “While everyone is following the official polls we thought we would launch a poll of our own to see how Wigan’s vapers will vote.

“Our Election E-liquids put some fun into the election campaign and the e-liquid that achieves the highest sales will be elected as a permanent new flavour in our world famous Red Label range.

“We will be updating our poll daily so that everyone can see which political e-liquid is registering the most sales.”

The party political puffs are selling at 40 per cent cheaper than Totally Wicked’s Red Label. Totally Wicked is also selling all five e-liquids as an “undecided multipack”.

To follow the e-liquid election on Twitter use the hashtag #liquiddemocracy