Wiganers’ snack choice is getting spicier

Deborah Edwards-Hooson with a Chicken salad sandwich at Munch! in Wigan Lane
Deborah Edwards-Hooson with a Chicken salad sandwich at Munch! in Wigan Lane

IT IS as much a part of British cuisine as fish and chips and chicken tikka masala, but just what is the nation’s favourite sarnie?

Wiganers are being asked to join sandwich aficionados from all over the country in nominating their favourite choice of filling on their bread, barmcake or baguette.

The survey of Britain’s munching habits is being carried out by the British Sandwich Association (BSA), which wants to find out which sandwiches are most popular when being bought from shops and bakeries and what most people choose to put on bread or barmcakes in the kitchen at home.

If the response from cafe owners in Wigan is anything to go by, the survey looks like it may shed intriguing light on a major change in residents’ eating habits.

Despite the continuing popularity of traditional sandwich fillings such as ham, cheese and chicken, palates across the borough seem to be developing more adventurous tastes, with a whole range of exotic meats and spices being bought in greater numbers.

Anita Edwards-Hooson, who owns Munch! on Wigan Lane, said: “Our roast and cajun chicken sandwiches are very popular, but our wraps and paninis with fillings such as bacon, chicken, mushroom and cheese and bacon and chicken with sweet chilli and creme fraiche are also very popular.

“When we took over about 12 months ago the majority of sandwiches were things like spicy chicken or ham and chicken, but now people are experimenting a bit more. We’re trying to expand our range further with a selection of ciabattas with fillings like beef and cheese melt and warm chicken and garlic.”

Sarah Clark, who runs Deli-licious in Ashton with her sister Stella Gore, said that despite the influx of new flavours, traditional favourites are still holding on to their popularity with hungry customers.

Sarah said: “The most popular sandwiches are always ham salad and chicken salad, they are classics and you can’t beat them.

“One of the other ones which is popular is a club sandwich, and we also sell a lot of our breakfast barms, particularly last weekend with the racing at Aintree.

“There also seems to be a real taste for spicier food here, sandwiches like Mexican chicken and pepper steak are always popular, and we’ve also just started offering southern fried chicken.”

Anyone who completes the BSA’s survey about their sandwich preferences will enter a draw to win one of 100 free lunches or a new iPad.

The results will be announced in May to coincide with British Sandwich Week.

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