Working with the best

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LAWSON singer Andy Brown is working with songwriter Guy Chambers.

The former Winstanley College student admitted that despite penning new songs with Guy, who is best known for working with Robbie Williams, a new album is still some way off.

And he has his eye set on collaborating with Jessie J, after the band toured with her in Europe last year.

He said: “Doing a collaboration with Jessie would be brilliant. We would love to do a song with a female vocalist like that, maybe Jessie or Katy Perry. I think that would complement our music really well.

“Jessie is great, really nice and down to earth, despite being a superstar.

“When she gets on stage she has an incredible voice and puts on an amazing show, so we were delighted to tour with her.

He added that he looks to Coldplay as his own personal inspiration, saying: “We watch their DVDs on our tour bus and are inspired to be like them.”