Young Star Wars fan becomes YouTube sensation

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A TOT has become an internet sensation after he developed a love of Star Wars at Wigan Comic Con.

Three-year-old James Blakeman of Swinley is now a worldwide celebrity after his dad posted a video of his young son watching one of the famous Star Wars film for the first time.

James Blakeman and dad Sam

James Blakeman and dad Sam

The New Lodge pre-school toddler, filmed by dad Sam, has been viewed across the world with the footage racking up 500,000 of hits on Youtube.

Sam, 33, said: “I knew James had developed a liking for the Star Wars characters after we visited Wigan Comic Con last December but I didn’t at all expect that reaction from him. He went a bit bonkers when he saw the film.

“He really enjoyed the event at Robin Park so I thought I would show him the film and decided to video him watching it.

“Since he reacted in such a mad way I thought I’d post it on YouTube and overnight it had about 100,000 views. I couldn’t believe it.”

Now, the footage of James has gone viral with more than a half a million viewers tuning in to watch the Star Wars fan.

As the movie begins James innocently asks: “What’s this dad?”

Asked what he thinks it is, James thinks for a moment before adding enthusiastically: “Storm Woopers, and the people!”

Sam admits that he dare not correct him as he’s so close to ‘Storm Troopers’.

He said: “He doesn’t seem phased by Darth Vader but for some reason doesn’t like Storm Troopers.”

As the famous tune comes into play, the youngsters face lights up with recognition: “I like it!” He shouts.

He then becomes increasingly enthusiastic and when asked by Sam if it was exciting he exclaims: “There’s a spaceship.”

James then amuses his captivated audience by jumping up and down, dancing and throwing himself around the room to the music.

Sam added: “I have no idea what made him react like that, he must have been in a specially bonkers mood that evening.”