Zoning in on a new home

Staff and volunteers move into Wigan Youth Zone
Staff and volunteers move into Wigan Youth Zone
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WIGAN Youth Zone staff have been moving into their new home this week.

For months now, they’ve been located at Ainscough Vanguard in Standish while the building on Parsons Walk was being completed.

With that all done now and equipment beginning to be put in place, their new base is finally fit for use.

A number of volunteers, Youth Zone workers and young people helped transfer boxes, computers and furniture from Vanguard to the town centre.

More and more people are being recruited each week to ensure the place will be ready to open come June 8.

Wigan Youth Zone will cater for pretty much every hobby and interest for the young people of the town. From cooking to sports and art to music, everybody will have something to do.

Duty manager Chris Chamberlain helped with the move and said: “It’s all really exciting now.

“You look at the youngsters helping us out today and you can see how much they’re looking forward to it opening.

“I’ve been in my role for a few weeks now while we’ve been based at Vanguard. They’ve been fantastic with us but with more and more employees coming in, it has got a bit cramped so it’s nice to finally move into our home.”

The sports hall at the Youth Zone is now fully equipped with its basketball net, while seating areas and pool tables are being set in the main hall.

Upstairs, the dance studio is now complete while the offices are taking shape for the new influx of staff.

Vanguard managing director Matt Ainscough, who made space for the Youth Zone staff, is no stranger to the project.

His father, Martin Ainscough, is one of the major backers alongside cousin Bill and Dave Whelan.

Matt said: “I think it’s fantastic. It’s a blueprint that others need to follow.

“It’s not the first of its type but it was something we need in thsi area, I think.

“We’ve had the Youth Zone staff here for a while now, I got a call asking us to make soem space and I was delighted to help out.”

Wigan Youth Zone development manager Simon Baker paid a heartfelt thankyou to those at Vanguard for putting them up but couldn’t hide his excitement at finally moving in to the new building.

He said: “They’ve been brilliant with us and we can thank them enough.

“It’s really exciting to be moving in here now though, we’re really looking forward to kicking on.”