20 is plenty for Lib Dem PCC hopeful

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ALL RESIDENTIAL roads across Wigan borough should have a 20mph speed limit, according to a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate.

Liberal Democrat nominee Matt Gallagher, a former police officer, is urging Greater Manchester Councils to tackle their “scandalous” road safety records by introducing a speed limit cap.

Mr Gallagher, who plans to implement the plan across the region, said: “We need 20mph limits where people live, work and play.

“The vast majority of the people support reducing the speed limit because it not only makes our roads safer it also encourages more people to walk and cycle. This reduces traffic noise, pollution and carbon emissions.

“Blanket 20mph limits also benefit the police by reducing the crash investigation workload for traffic police freeing them up to go after criminals.

“I have seen the devastating and fatal impact speeding has, there are far too many people needlessly killed or injured.”

Greater Manchester has the worst record of road related deaths in the North West.

The new role of Police and Crime Commissioner will replace police authorities and will be voted for by the public in next month’s election.

Mr Gallagher is up against confirmed nominations Tony Lloyd MP (Labour), Michael Winstanley (Conservative) and Steven Woolfe (UKIP).