A diamond club!

Platt Bridge Labour Club 60th birthday - club secretary Barry Hampson
Platt Bridge Labour Club 60th birthday - club secretary Barry Hampson
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A WIGAN club has reached a milestone anniversary.

Platt Bridge Labour Club will be celebrating its 60th anniversary at its current premises on Platt Street, this September - and is aiming for another 60 years!

The club, which is still going strong while many other similar clubs have closed, actually began life above several shops on Walthew Lane in the 1920s and moved to its current base in 1951. The club is planning a celebratory event on Saturday, September 10 with acts and an exciting light show is promised.

Barry Hampson, club secretary, said: “We have a committed group of people who work for the club on a voluntary basis and it’s really down to them as to why the club has survived and thrived for as long as it has.

“There are only about nine or 10 of them altogether but they do work really hard to keep it afloat.

“We have also been able to maintain our core membership by keeping the core entertainment that the longer serving members enjoy, but we have also tried to diversify the club and bring in things to attract new members.

“For example, younger lads now come into the club to play snooker and we encourage them to come in. We also host morris dancing and line dancing classes.

“But by getting young people in and children used to the club, they grow up with it being a part of their lives and stick with us when they are a bit older and can be members in their own right.”

Barry has been secretary at the club for 10 years but has been a member for the last 30 years.

He added: “There have been times when we have seen a blip where member attendances has dropped, but we have always managed to get through that.

“We have loyal members who remember when the club was at its old premises and they still come in and enjoy themselves.

“We certainly see us being here for another 60 years and we look forward to that.”