A&E tells non-urgent patients to stay home

Wigan Infirmary's accident and emergency department
Wigan Infirmary's accident and emergency department

BOSSES at Wigan Infirmary have issued a further plea to residents to avoid A&E apart from in the most serious situations.

Emergency staff are being placed under intense strain as the department “remains extremely busy”.

The plea comes on the same day that waiting times in A&E departments across the country have reached their worst levels in more than a decade.

Residents are being urged to consider other sources of health care to ease the pressure on emergency departments. And A&E time-wasters have been blasted by fellow patients for attending with minor ailments such as pain caused by falsely applied hair extensions.

Fiona Noden, director of operations and performance at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation Trust, said: “Patients who attend A&E with minor conditions or illness will have to wait significantly longer than four hours to be seen or will be advised to go elsewhere.

“It should only be used for critical or life-threatening situations requiring urgent medical attention.”