A positive step for obese Christina

Christina Briggs and (below) directors of Food Positive, Shirley and Katy Southworth
Christina Briggs and (below) directors of Food Positive, Shirley and Katy Southworth

A WIGAN organisation is helping an overweight headline-grabbing mum to slim down on a budget.

After Christina Briggs suffered a public backlash for saying she wanted a cash incentive from the Government to eat healthily, she has been working to lose weight without such help, thanks to Food Positive in Upper Dicconson Street, and ITV show This Morning.

Directors of Food Positive Shirley and Katy Southworth

Directors of Food Positive Shirley and Katy Southworth

The unemployed mother-of-two from Hindley, who receives more than £20,000 a year in benefits, has already lost 1st 5lb from her original weight of 25 stone.

Shirley Southworth, who runs Food Positive, said: “We are helping Christina via our healthy eating on a budget classes to show what can be done with just a little bit of money.

“We aim to improve people’s diets. Anyone can offer advice but people need to be able to act on it and retain that, so we give them those skills. People are often under the impression that it is expensive to eat healthily but it doesn’t have to be. You can get a few meals out of the things I prepare if you know how.”

Food Positive has also been mentioned on This Morning as crews filmed in their kitchen premises whilst a dietician advised Christina. The enterprise’s healthy eating on a budget classes will be featured on the show sometime in the next few weeks.

Shirley added: “I think people are very unfair to judge, as they don’t know what she is going through.

“But we are supporting her, along with This Morning and as a result she will be able to make changes.

“Christina is doing really well. It will be a slow process, but she needs to be able to sustain it and change her habits.”

Speaking on This Morning earlier this week about her continued weight loss, 26-year-old Christina, who will also be working alongside qualified life coach and TV presenter Jeff Brazier, said: “I feel a lot healthier. My back doesn’t hurt when I walk. I’m determined, I bought myself a treadmill. I was stupid thinking it was that expensive when it’s not. I come out with change now and I never used to.”

Food Positive and the Adult Learning Team in Wigan will work with Christina through the healthy eating on a budget classes. People receiving benefits will qualify for free, whilst others will be charged a minimum of £35. For more details visit www.foodpositive.co.uk