A pound for Emma

Emma Hoolin
Emma Hoolin

EVERYONE in Wigan is being urged to send a text for Emma Hoolin.

The school where the Whitley four-year-old should have started this term is campaigning for a “mass text” on Wednesday, October 19 to help raise money for her life-saving trip to America.

Emma is battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer, and while conventional treatment has had the desired short-term effects so far, it is in the illness’s nature to come back incurably. Pioneering immunology treatment in Philadelphia, however, will give the youngster a fighting chance of avoiding a relapse but it has to take place within weeks.

A £211,000 cash target has been set and already thousands of pounds have been raised through various charitable events.

But Woodfield headteacher Julie Charnley said that if every adult in the borough texted £1, the youngster’s family would hit their giant target in time.

The school has chosen October 19 because it is World Day when pupils will be dressing up in international costumes and celebrating diverse cultures. Mrs Charnley said: “A text service has already been set up on the website through which people can pledge money and people are doing that when they become aware of it.

“I thought it would be a good idea to focus everyone’s minds and do it on one day. World Day seemed an excellent opportunity because of its symbolism of all the different countries supporting each other and people coming together to help Emma.

“The school will be dressed in traditional dress of countries throughout the world and at 3.15pm will parade on the playground watched by the parents.

“The Reception Class, representing the UK, will be forming an inner circle, surrounded by a large outer circle of the rest of the school, and releasing red, white and blue helium balloons. Mrs Hoolin is hoping to bring Emma to school, if she is well enough, to release a pink balloon also.”

If you want to help the Emma appeal on October 19 (or before), please text EMMA90, Amount: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.