A real Euro-cat!

Mystery black cat from Sweden with Isac (5) and Martha3 Ainge at Gathurst Lane Shevington
Mystery black cat from Sweden with Isac (5) and Martha3 Ainge at Gathurst Lane Shevington
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COULD this little cat be living the Euro-dream?

Marlaine Whitham discovered the female black and white puss in a neighbour’s garden in Gathurst Road, Shevington, five weeks ago.

She had no identification collar, but after visiting the vet, Marlaine discovered the cat had been microchipped and registered ... in Sweden in 2003!

After asking nearby residents and posting signs on lampposts asking for her owners to get in touch, Marlaine, a grandmother-of-two, drew a blank and is now appealing for any readers who may have information to come forward.

She said: “When I found the cat, she had a little harness on, but no identification.

“She was trying to get the harness off, but her leg was stuck, so we helped her out of it.

“She then disappeared for a bit and then ended up sleeping in our garden. She was cold and hungry, so I started feeding her and she has never left.

“She has a bed in our garage and we give her food. She is a lovely cat and we are looking after her very well, but my husband, Denis, and I are not wanting to keep her.

“So we are asking if anyone knows who owns her, or who would like to take care of her permanently. She is really friendly and used to living indoors.

“I know somebody will be missing her and so we would love to find her true family.”

After emailing the veterinary supply company in Sweden where the cat was registered, Marlaine was unable to find any further information on the owner.

She added: “I don’t know how long the cat had lived in Sweden, but it has obviously moved to England with its owner.

“We have not given the cat a name as we have been trying to think of something Swedish.

“We were thinking Ulrika, but that didn’t really suit her - we are even thinking about looking through the Ikea catalogue!”

The cat is thought to be around eight years old and is black with white under her chin and paws.

If anyone has any information about the little Swedish cat, or would like to take care of her, call Marlaine on 01257 253055.