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A WIGAN man has been convicted of raping a teenage girl in his own home.

After James Duckworth was found guilty, a court heard that he has previous convictions involving violence on women.

Judge Thomas Teague QC told him: “You are a controlling and sometimes violent young man who may pose a significant risk of harm to the public.”

He told him that only a custodial sentence could be imposed but adjourned sentence until November 30 to enable a pre-sentence report to be prepared and an assessment of his dangerousness.

Duckworth, 22, of Vine Street, Whelley, was further remanded in custody.

After his trial he was convicted of rape, making a threat to kill, threatening to cause criminal damage and assault by beating.

During the four-day trial Liverpool Crown Court heard that he attacked the 17-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, despite her begging him to stop.

The incident happened after Duckworth began an argument with her while she visiting his home and he became physically aggressive towards her.

She left the house but after he sent her a text she became fearful and returned but as the situation did not improve she decided to go home at about 10pm.

She walked off to her bus stop but he was verbally aggressive and threatened to burn down her home and also threatened to kill her by slitting her throat with a knife.

The young woman was so afraid she went back with him to his home, where his sick aunt was sleeping upstairs.

He demanded she undress and when she started crying he said: “I’ll give you something to cry over,” said Geoffrey Lowe, prosecuting.

He got hold of her and raped her despite her begging him to stop.

Afterwards she told him, “that was rape” but as she was still frightened of him she remained at the house until the next day when she was able to leave.

She immediately rang a relative to pick her up and she told them she had been raped and the police were notified.

When interviewed, Duckworth denied rape and claimed she had initiated sex and had enjoyed it.

He also denied having threatened her but unknown to him she had recorded that conversation on her mobile phone.

Giving evidence in court Duckworth maintained that she had initiated sex and denied raping her and also disputed the other allegations.