A Turkish delight by our Jerry

Former Wigan resident Jerry Cayzer has written a new novel
Former Wigan resident Jerry Cayzer has written a new novel

A WIGAN-born author’s interest with the Kurdish culture has inspired his next literary offering.

Jerry Cayzer, 57, formerly of Ratcliffe Street, Wigan, is currently making the finishing touches to his second novel, To The Devil A Nation.

The tale is a sequel to his first novel, Elements of Nature, which focuses on Englishman Garry Spencer’s work at a UN agency in Turkey.

The second novel, whilst still including some of the characters in the first book, follows the journey of Finnish geologist, Juse Huhta in the Middle East, as he travels to find a rare earth metal and goes missing.

Jerry said: “I have long had sympathy for what I see as the reasonable aspirations of the Kurdish people in the Middle East.

“I intend to shed some light on their circumstances and the injustice dealt them by the allies following the Second World War.

“The inspiration in writing this new novel is also due to the amazingly rich ancient history in which the Turkish Land of the Kurds (in Eastern Anatolia) is steeped.

Interweaving this into a story was a challenge that I just could not resist.

“This sad but fascinating ancient history is the backdrop to the novel, incidental to Juse Huhta’s North-Eastwards journey, pursuing a geological survey for the Turkish government, but at the same time tracking a career-long search for a reliable source of gadolinium, a rare earth metal which is vital for computer memory development.

“Then Huhta goes missing, feared kidnapped by the militant Kurdish arm,.”

From the age of nine Jerry showed creative flair and wrote several plays. He left Wigan when he was 12 and lived in Worcester before he began travelling the world as an engineer.

It was his time in the Middle East which sparked his interest in the culture, influencing his writing. He has also produced three non-fiction books, detailing his research into alternative energy technology.

Jerry, a father-of-three, now lives in Sydney, Australia, but will be returning to Wigan next spring.