Abandoned puppies found in alley

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WHO could resist them? These adorable pups were found dumped in an Ince alleyway two days ago.

The playful pooches were found in a cardboard box by caring Wiganer Cathie Peloe, when she set out on her way to work.

Cathie Peloe with two of the rescued pups

Cathie Peloe with two of the rescued pups

Altogether, she found five puppies, which are believed to be about eight weeks old. One had sadly succumbed to the deadly parvovirus, and was put down by a veterinary surgeon at Anrich Vets in Hindley, the morning he was found.

Cathie said: “I got in my car, but didn’t get very far, and within the space of a few seconds I turned the corner and there were five little puppies by some wheelie bins at the end of my road.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I picked them up and took them back to my house. I couldn’t leave them there, they are adorable and need a home.”

The two puppies pictured are the healthiest of the litter, and it has not yet been worked out what breed they are.

Cathie now has the task of nursing the dogs back to good health, and finding them a welcoming home.

She added: “They’re not in the finest health, one had to be put to sleep, it was very poorly. I’ll probably end up keeping one of them. I can’t stop cuddling them, but I’d love to find somebody who would give them a good home. They have already lost their little brother, and they need a dog lover to care for them.

“They have their own little personalities, they’re very bright and full of character.

“The people that abandoned them are the lowest of the low, they may have been breeders that realised one of their dogs were poorly. We’ve just got to hope for the best, and think that at least we’ve managed to save the lives of four dogs.”

James Weston, manager of the Anrich practices in Wigan, said: “Parvovirus is very contagious, and requires a lot of treatment.

“The people that dump animals like this don’t consider the implications on the people that end up finding them. We just hope they go to a really good home, and are looked after well.”

Cathie is appealing for dog lovers to come forward and adopt one of the puppies, or offer donations for treatment and bedding.

Contact Natalie Geraghty on 01942 506274 for more details, or email natalie.geraghty@lancspublications.co.uk.