Advice to keep winter bugs away from children

Boy sneezing. Pic posed
Boy sneezing. Pic posed
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WIGAN’S NHS trust has issued some useful hints and tips to help children stay healthy during the winter months.

Youngsters are particularly vulnerable to catching coughs, colds and other common illnesses as temperatures start to fall, but health experts are offering some simple measures to keep them healthy.

A balanced diet is key to boosting a child’s immunity, so make sure they are eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetable. Making sure children wash their hands regularly, and before they eat food, will help to reduce the spread of germs.

Youngsters with a long-term health condition should always have a flu vaccination, and for the first time this year healthy two and three year olds are also being offered a flu nasal spray. Youngsters are also encouraged to wrap up warm and if they have a dose of sickness and diarrhoea – like Norovirus – is to keep them at home, give them plenty of fluids and allow the virus to work its way through their system.

If symptoms persist, parents should take their child to see a doctor.

NHS England’s medical director for Greater Manchester, Dr Raj Patel, said: “Parents can always ask a pharmacist (find your nearest one by visiting, or their health visitor, for 
advice too.

“There is also medical help available 24 hours a day for non-emergencies by dialling 111. We would urge parents to consider all these options before taking their child to