Alabama Rot kills two dogs

News story
News story

WIGAN Council has confirmed that two dogs have been killed by Alabama Rot in the borough.

Despite reassuring residents that there is no cause for alarm, the Council has said that further tests are being carried out and there could be more cases.

Alabama Rot is a disease that has largely been associated with greyhounds, but has recently affected various breeds.

A post on the Council’s facebook page, following the two deaths in the Leigh area, states: “We’re collecting information from local vets and other sources and will work with them to keep you updated.”

It is very rare but there has been a recent outbreak in southern England. Very few dogs have been affected but the disease can be deadly in some cases.

Dog owners are advised to take their pet to the vet if they notice a wound, lesion or blister on their dog’s leg or face or the dog becomes quiet, starts vomiting or stops eating.

Earlier this month, we reported on Tyldesley resident Gary Hallows, whose three-year-old cocker spaniel Sally was critically ill with kidney failure.

Sadly, Sally has since died with Mr Hallows linking her death to Alabama Rot.

The Animal Health Trust has launched an online survey to help with the national investigation of this disease which people can take part in by visiting: