Alert after upsurge in house break-ins

WIGAN police are reminding householders to keep their homes secure after an increase in burglaries over the last two weeks.

At least 18 more break-ins have taken place in Lower Ince, Standish, Springfield, Gidlow, Beech Hill, Whitley, Swinley, Hindley and Spring View than during the previous fortnight. Cars were also stolen during several of these incidents.

Insp Mark Gallichan said: “We are increasing patrols in these areas to combat the problem, but would appeal to people to remember the ALL message: a simple three-point reminder to put the Alarm on, Lock all doors and windows and leave a Light on when leaving your home empty.

“For a penny a day you can leave a low-energy lightbulb on from mid-afternoon to late evening.

“Although burglary has been reduced across the borough, there is usually an increase in break-ins at this time of year as evenings become darker.

“This creates ideal opportunities for thieves, but following the crime prevention advice makes your home a less attractive target for them.

“To help prevent cars being stolen during burglaries, I would advise residents to park them in a secure garage overnight and to keep keys hidden in a safe place away from doors and windows to avoid hook-and-cane thefts. It’s also a good idea to gate your driveway if possible.”

To report crime call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or the police on 0161 872 5050.