Alert over dog food laced with deadly poison

Crime story
Crime story

FRIGHTENED pet owners have issued a safety alert after dog food was deliberately baited with poison at a Wigan beauty spot.

A group of concerned residents launched the information campaign when the meat laced with rat poison and slug pellets was found at Scotman’s Flash in Poolstock.

Goose Green resident John Ashcroft walks his Staffordshire bull terrier Olli on the canals and around the flashes each weekend. But he says after hearing the news he’s fearful of taking his pet there any longer. Along with a couple of friends he has set up a new Wigan Now Facebook page in a bid to warn others.

The 53-year-old said: “Dogs by their very nature will pick food up from the floor so this is a very real concern. There were reports a couple of years ago about anti-freeze being put on the floor at Alexandra Park.

“I know that this was allegedly done to poison dogs. And I know of a lady from Shevington who’s Staffie was killed by eating anti-freeze laced chicken a couple of years ago which was left out by a farmer.

“My thought on this behaviour is one of disgust. It is reckless beyond belief. Unfortunately there is a lot of dog fouling around these areas - I always clean up after mine and the majority of owners do - so maybe it is a person’s misguided vigilante campaign against careless dog owners.”

Lancashire Wildlife Trust bosses is also taking extra precautions to protect pets.

Wigan project manager Mark Champion said: “We are very concerned and troubled by the news and will endeavour to put a stop to it. It only takes a small amount of poison placed into dog food to kill. We recommend owners take necessary precautions when out walking their dogs and be extra vigilant. If you spot any unusual behaviour please report it to us as soon as possible.

“We have been observing the area and will remove anything suspicious. We have also taken extra measures to warn nearby residents of the situation.”