Alley is 376th in line for gates!

Caroline Molyneux campaigning for alleygates at the rear of her home on Wigan Road, Leigh
Caroline Molyneux campaigning for alleygates at the rear of her home on Wigan Road, Leigh

RESIDENTS targeted by burglars are campaigning for alleygates – but have been dismayed to hear that their area is 376th in the queue for them!

Concerns have been growing among homeowners in Wigan Road, Leigh, following a spate of vandalism and anti-social behaviour and one woman says she is scared to be left on her own after her house was broken into and another family has moved out.

But hope that there will be help anytime soon look remote after they were told there are 375 applications deemed more pressing,

Resident Caroline Molyneux, 34, said: “Last month our house was broken into. Burglars threw a brick through our window and also stole our new car.

“I am only living with my partner and his mum until we buy a new house, but we are too scared to leave her on her own.

“Someone has also taken a knife to someone’s caravan and other vehicles have been damaged.

“Some residents have seen gangs hanging round the back in the alleyways and we believe there is some connection.

“So we have been lobbying for alleygates for ages and have spoken to our councillor Susan Greensmith.

“But she informed us that we have very little chance of getting them unless we keep ringing the police on 0161 872 5050 but no-one can get through.

“We do not feel safe at all – one family has had to move out because they are fed up.”

Sally Wolstencroft, Wigan Council’s Head of Safer, Cleaner, Greener, said: “There is a strict legal process which we have to adhere to.

“We need to consult with local residents, establish the level and type of crime, seek comments from the fire service, police and Ramblers Association and make sure that the scheme allows for essential services to continue uninterrupted.

“We also take into account the type and frequency of incidents that have been reported to the police. Whilst gates can be an effective tool in combating certain types of crime and anti-social behaviour, they are not always the most appropriate solution.

“There are costs associated with installing gates and also in maintaining them. Given the current economic climate, Wigan Council can only consider them on a case by case basis determined by critical need, whilst also looking at other appropriate measures.

“We have no record of any enquiries from residents in this specific area.

“We urge people to report issues to us so that all agencies have a realistic picture of the prevalence of crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Insp Ian Kennedy of the Leigh Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Anti-social behaviour is a blight on communities, and we will continue to crack down on it wherever it occurs.

“To report antisocial behaviour call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”