Anger as 4x4 wrecks Rec

Bryn Rec after it was churned up by a 4x4
Bryn Rec after it was churned up by a 4x4

A councillor has slammed the “idiot” driver of a 4x4 who he says wrecked a popular open space by turning it into a churned-up mudbath.

Coun Nathan Murray for Bryn ward hit out after huge tyre marks and areas of damaged turf were left all over Bryn Rec.

The area, which is used by Wigan Athletic Ladies and is also a popular dog walking area, looks as if it has been subjected to ‘donuts’, a manoeuvre where a vehicle spins around in large circles.

The state of the Rec on Bryn Road was first spotted by aggrieved residents on Wednesday morning.

Coun Murray has now blasted the individuals responsible, saying he is particularly alarmed as security measures had been put in place to stop off-road vehicles getting on there.

He said: “There are railings along the main access points to the Rec and these idiots have managed to drive straight over the kids’ playing fields in a 4x4.

“It’s worrying and infuriating at the same time. It makes me angry they’ve clearly gone out of their way to do this and achieved nothing. They’ve just wrecked it for the people of Bryn.

“Walkers, people with dogs, people playing recreational sports and amateur football teams all enjoy the Rec and now everything has been churned up by someone spinning a 4x4 in circles.

“We’ve already got the access point blocked off so we now need to educate people and let those responsible know that we won’t tolerate this. If they think they can drive off and people will just forget about the huge damage and disruption they’ve caused then they can forget it.”

Coun Murray says he is now writing to Wigan Council about the incident and will also be speaking to the local PCSOs asking for them to remain vigilant.

Currently it is not entirely clear how many individuals or indeed vehicles were involved in the incident, which seems to have happened some time overnight between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.