Anger at lock fault break-in

Laura Proudman of Whelley at her rear kitchen door with her daughter Ebonie-Jo and baby son Tyler-Lee
Laura Proudman of Whelley at her rear kitchen door with her daughter Ebonie-Jo and baby son Tyler-Lee

A WIGAN woman is seeking compensation after her home was burgled after she reported a faulty lock to housing chiefs.

Laura Proudman’s home was broken into on New Year’s Day and a number of items, including televisions, taken.

When the mum-of-two moved into the council house on Durham Street, Whelley, 18 months ago she noticed a problem with both the front and back door of the house.

She reported it to Wigan and Leigh Housing (WLH) and although a spokesman for the service says the problem was rectified the 24-year-old says it has remained a problem ever since.

She said: “I have had to leave the key in the back of the door to keep it locked, water floods in when it rains and when it is windy the doors rattle.

“I have reported the problem on numerous occasions and four different engineers have been out. On one visit an emergency engineer told me that the doors were not safe. But I have been continually told that there was nothing they could do because they were not council doors and so they didn’t have replacement parts.”

Laura called the council’s emergency line and says she was told by an operator that a note had been put on the system not to send another engineer out as they did not have the right parts.

But eventually someone went out later that evening and made a temporary repair by nailing pieces of wood to the back door.

She said: “An engineer arrived at about 11.20pm and that’s when planks of wood were screwed to the side unit against the door as that was all he could do.”

Since the back door was temporarily secured WLH has found replacement doors for the house.

WLH Chief Executive, Ashley Crumbley said: “We are aware of this issue and have taken action. A problem with the door was reported to us in August 2010 and it was repaired. The tenant further reported a problem with the door a year later in November 2011, and again it was repaired.

“A new door was ordered and it was agreed with the tenant that it would be fitted in mid-January.

“We received a report on Sunday, January 1 that there had been a forced entry into the property and we carried out emergency repairs that day. A new door has since been fitted.

“We are sorry to hear that the property has been broken into, particularly at this time of year.”