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Non residents are parking in Morris Street, Scholes
Non residents are parking in Morris Street, Scholes
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A ROW is brewing between homeowners and shoppers after a quiet resident street became an unofficial overspill car park

Council chiefs have promised to monitor the situation in Morris Street, Scholes, after complaints that residents were unhappy with people were parking outside their homes to go into the centre of Wigan.

One angry resident who would not be named, said: “It is a disgrace that town workers and shoppers park in the area for free. On a Sunday or evening when the town centre is closed it is clear that the people parking are non-residents, as there are only a few of us with cars in the street.

“There are no traffic wardens to monitor this and some park half on the pavement. What are we meant to do? Walk in the road and risk your person, especially with the speed of the cars using it as a short cut. The council should have yellow lines on one side and a white one on the side of the driveways to protect the area.”

The resident added he had mentioned the issue a few years ago to a ward councillor and there was a petition to get yellow lines installed, but the matter was not taken any further.

Ward councillors Michael McLoughlin and Lawrence Hunt said they had not been informed but will look into the matter.

Coun McLoughlin said: “I shall lodge this matter as an issue under the council’s special system (known as ASC).

“The standard promise of the system is, action within ten working days.

“My personal promise is to put the matter before officers for consideration.

“I am not in a position to be able to promise to deliver a positive result in reaction to every demand raised by residents.

“Officers judge every issue on its merits.”

Wigan Council assistant director of infrastructure, Mark Tilley, said: “Over the years residents have voiced their concerns about parking issues in the Morris Street area. As a result of these concerns a number of restrictions have been introduced to prevent non-residents from parking in the area.

“The waiting restrictions have helped to alleviate the issue and the majority of residents have off street parking.

“We will monitor the situation and would encourage residents to share their concerns by contacting us on 01942 488280.”