anglers save doomed cat

HERE'S a black and white bundle enjoying the rest of her eight lives.

Lucky the kitten was found in the nick of time, abandoned by a pool in Hindley.

Anglers were alerted by her harrowing meowing coming from deep inside a sealed up cardboard box.

She had a horrendously broken front left leg.

And the fishermen believe that they disturbed the owner before he callously hurled her into the chilly waters to drown.

They took the desperate feline to Anrich Veterinary Hospital in Wallgate, where vets took one look at the moggy and decided that immediate surgery was necessary.

She was then treated to an expensive, two hour, operation to pin the leg.

Principle vet Richard Weston, a renowned British specialist in animal orthopaedics, assisted by colleague Dr Shams Mir, carried out the process.

It was further complicated by the tiny size of the limb they were working on.

Now, six weeks after the surgery, the kitten has made a great recovery and is looking forward to being rehomed with a loving new family.

Anrich surgery manager James Weston said today: “This little lady has used up one of her nine lives, for sure.

“From what seems to have happened, the owner, realising that he or she was facing a significant vet’s bill, was about to throw this box containing kitten into the fishing pool when he was disturbed. The anglers knew straight away from the noise she was making that the kitten was in a bad way and brought her straight here.

“Dr Shams had a look at her and it was clear, with the angle of her front leg and the way she was meowing furiously, that she was in great pain.

“We X-rayed the leg to confirm our worst fears and could see that it was shattered. In fact it was one of the worst that we have seen here.

“My father, who has a lot of experience in such work, carried out the pinning operation assisted by Dr Shams.

“It was a lengthy operation and a complex one but we are prepared to deal with such cases, on an animal welfare basis, even when clearly we are never going to get paid for them.

“A month later she was X-rayed again and the break had joined up really nicely, so we have been able to remove the pin.”

Lucky, as staff have named her, is now full of mirth and mischief.

She spends her days chasing fingers up the side of her cage and then jumping back down on to the roof of her kennel.

And a new owner is expecting to pick her up later this week.

James said: “There was no need to have treated this kitten in this awful way. There are avenues for pet owners to get their pets treated without them just being abandoned like this to die in agony.”