Another 60,000 bins on the way

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TENS of thousands of Wigan homes will get a new blue bin within the next month.

Up to 20,000 households have now received their blue bin from Wigan Council enabling people to recycle card, cardboard drink cartons, paper, envelopes, greetings cards, newspaper and magazines, catalogues and directories.

Around 60,000 bins are being rolled out during November as part of a move to cover the entire borough with paper recycling facilities.

The introduction of the blue bin will allow residents to recycle far more than they could fit in the white sacks that are currently being used to recycle paper, magazines and junk mail.

While only parts of the borough have received their new bin, council chiefs are confident that the whole of the town will have a blue bin by next summer.

Councillor Kevin Anderson, cabinet environment champion said: “We’re striving to find the balance between meeting householders’ needs, improving recycling performance and providing value for money.

“It’s much cheaper to recycle and treat waste than to send it to landfill.

“Sending less waste to landfill means fewer problems down the line for our children and natural habitats.

“Space will be an issue for some households, so we’ll be offering a choice of smaller bins and paper sacks as well.”

Each ton of waste that goes to landfill costs residents at least £56 in tax – rising to £80 a ton in 2014/15. Recycling has meant a reduction in rubbish going into black bins of a third since 2002 and in that time recycling increased from two per cent to 36 per cent.

The blue bin service will increase recycling by 5,000 tons and save more than a third of a million pounds a year.

Households in Wigan currently have a green bin for garden waste and brown cardboard, a brown bin for glass and bottles and a black bin for all other waste.

The local authority encourages residents to use the Household Waste Recycling Centres, which are situated across the borough, to recycle or deposit larger waste.